How to Get Your Home’s Plumbing & Heating Ready for the Cold Weather

As the colder weather starts to creep in at this time of the year, it’s important to know that the plumbing in your home is set up to keep you warm and tackle the strong winds, rain and snow. If your home’s plumbing systems aren’t working or prepared properly, you could be left with frozen, leaking or burst pipes, no heating or hot water!

Don’t find yourself with a cold home and repairs to pay out for this winter. Use our top tips on how to get your home’s plumbing and heating ready for the cold weather in no time!

Protect Your Pipes

Keep your pipes warm through the Autumn and Winter by protecting any that are exposed using insulation. You could do this yourself, or seek the services of a professional plumber with knowledge of the best standard of doing this and reaching difficult places. Insulating your pipework before the winter will drastically reduce the chances of them bursting and resulting in further damage.

Get Your Boiler Checked

If you haven’t had your boiler serviced in a while, or haven’t had it for long, you should get this done by a Gas Safe registered plumbing engineer. Make this a priority before the cold weather sets in, to avoid potentially being left with no heating or hot water. LKG Daughters Plumbing and Heating are experienced and trained in servicing most gas boilers and central heating systems. We can also advise you on how best to maintain your boiler all year round.

Keep Central Heating Going

Throughout the colder months, keep your central heating on to repel freezing of pipes and damage caused by frost. Set your central heating to 14 degrees celsius or above and keep it running, even if you are not at home! Need an upgrade on your central heating system to a more efficient heating system? Get in touch with LKG Daughters Plumbing and Heating!

Look After Your Drains and Sinks

Take extra care when using drains and sinks when the weather is cold. Small particles in the sink such as food, and in drains such as twigs and leaves, are much more likely to get stuck and freeze in the pipes, causing a blockage. This includes any oils or fat which will set even quicker during the freezing weather. Pouring some hot water down the sink once in a while will help to clear build-up along the pipes. If you find yourself with a blocked sink or drain, seek the help of a professional plumber like LKG Daughters.

Shut Off Outdoor Hoses

If you have an outdoor hose, leaving it connected to the tap whilst in cold weather will cause it to freeze. Once frozen into ice, this may move into the pipes inside your home resulting in cracking and damage. Avoid this from happening by shutting off all hoses from the taps and draining them of excess water. Store them away until the seasons change!

Winter Plumbing Emergency?

LKG Daughters Plumbing and Heating are available 24/7 for emergency callouts. If you are in the Chelmsford area and find yourself in a plumbing emergency or struggling with any of the above issues, get in touch with our friendly and qualified team today!

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