5 Plumbing and Heating Problems: When to Seek a Professional

Everyone likes to consider themselves a handyman or handywoman to some degree when it comes to home repairs, right? Perhaps you want to save money on repairs, desperate for a quick fix, or don’t want to admit that maybe you’re just not that handy. Sure, some situations may be DIY-able, but certain plumbing and heating problems should be left to the professionals, and with the right, trusted engineers, it doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or inconvenient for you.

We’ve broken down 5 common plumbing and heating issues that often crop up in the home which definitely require a professional, and how we at LKG Daughters Plumbing and Heating can help. After all, water and heat are essential for a sustainable home.

  1. No Hot Water

Firstly, eliminate the possibility that this isn’t a result of you, your partner or children using up all the hot water. When you are certain this isn’t the case and the problem persists, you should seek a plumber. Having no hot water could be a result of a more serious underlying problem, such as an issue with a thermostat or a short circuit. Our 24-hour call out service means you won’t have to live without hot water for long. Wherever possible, LKG Daughters aim to complete all repairs on the same day, so you can return to your normal daily routine as soon as possible.

  1. Heating Problems

Is your boiler showing signs of a potential problem? If you notice it is making unusual noises, leaking, or failing to provide heat, there could be a fault. You should call a plumbing and heating engineer as soon as possible. Signs like these can lead to more serious and dangerous issues if left unfixed, and you could be left with no heating at all. In some instances, you may even be better off with a new boiler if yours is old, which could end up saving you money on constant repairs and increased efficiency. LKG Daughters Plumbing and Heating are Baxi and Potterton recommended installers, who offer finance for boilers cheaper than the Gas Board, with up to 10 years warranty. Our Gas Safe registered team can assess your best options.

  1. Blockages 

If your toilet water won’t flush or is overflowing, or water comes up in your shower drain, it is probably because your sewer line is backed up. This means that it is likely there is a blockage on the main sewer line. Temporary fixes may be okay for the short term, but trying to unblock a sewer line yourself could mean that the problem returns again and again. If your plunging isn’t doing the job properly, you should let a professional plumber get their hands on it, for a long term resolution of the problem.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Trickling shower flow when others are using water in the home, whistling sounds from pipes and washing machines taking a long time to fill are all signs that you could have low water pressure. A professional plumber is your best option for diagnosing the cause of this, and how to fix it. Low water pressure could be a result of many things, for example clogged pipes, a leakage on the main line, or perhaps the water supply in your city not being very strong. Whatever it is, LKG Daughters can help.

  1. Old Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom is usually a 20 year plus investment. LKG’s bathrooms are functional, accessible, maintainable, beautiful and strong enough for individuals and families to evolve (everything a bathroom should be!). Installing your own bathroom is definitely not a simple DIY job, it requires knowledge of pressures, resistance, pipework and volume, to name a few. If your bathroom fixtures are old and you’re in need of a new, durable bathroom, we can help. Our teams of painters, tilers, electricians, plasterers and electricians are fully qualified and equipped to create your desired bathroom.

We pride ourselves on offering quality services and solutions for plumbing, heating and bathrooms at affordable prices. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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